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About Tracy R. Murillo

Tracy is the Author of "Under the Shadow of the Almighty", "Perception", "Within and Without" and several others and the most exciting book yet, "NOTHING WILL CHAIN THEIR SOULS." Tracy saw a vision of the Great Cloud of Witnesses and this book came from that encounter.  It speaks and outlines the hindrances in our lives that keep us from our destiny. 

Tracy’s latest book on Autism named "Silent Cry" was launched in March many years ago and will be relaunched this year.  A journey of healing for her autistic son.

Tracy has hosted "Silent Cry" conferences for the families of Autistic individuals already.  Tracy’s goal is to bring hope and healing to those parents having to cope with Special Needs children. Tracy feels compelled to bring some the answers she has received through the last nineteen years of therapy for her son Daniel.  Tracy has co-hosted "Chasing Heaven" conferences with Dr. Natalie Olson. (Sozo Holistic Health Ministries).   These conferences are for those in pursuit of seeing and experiencing Heaven for themselves, for encountering Jesus in an intimate way.  We utilize Sound bibilical teaching and practical demonstrations.   

Tracy is an Ordained Pastor, Evangelist, and Teacher. Her Ordination was held July 7, 2007 at Eagles Nest International Church in Monroe, Louisiana by Pastor George and Bishop Clarice Fluitt. Tracy has been a Associate Pastor for Last Days World Outreach as well as a Pastor for Transformation of Chapel Hill working closely with Ed Silviso and Cheri Hardman. She is also an Elder and Intercessor for for Riverlife Fellowship church prayer team.


Tracy Murillo currently works and serves as an Inner Healing Facilitator and does private sessions daily for Inner Healing, Land and Business.  Contact her on if you are interested in learning about Inner Healing..  She has been in the doing Inner Healing for over 20 years. 

Tracy’s heart is to help the needy, deliver those in darkness into Christ's wonderful light, and to be able to speak about her life experiences as a tool to bring others to freedom.

Tracy Murillo

Author, Speaker, Evangelist, Entrepreneur, Revivalist

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