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About Tracy R. Murillo

Tracy is the Author of many books such as "Under the Shadow of the Almighty" and "Perception" and "Within and Without". She has hosted many conferences and has had her own Radio show for five consecutive years.  She has served as Associate Pastor three times in three different states.  

She is an Ordained Pastor, Evangelist, and Teacher.  Her Ordination was held on July 7, 2007 at Eagles Nest International church in Monroe, Louisiana by Pastors George and Clarice Fluitt.  She has served as an Elder at Riverlife Fellowship in Chapel Hill NC.  Tracy's heart is to help the needy, deliver those in darkness into Christ's wonderful light and to be able to speak about her life experiences as a tool to bring others to freedom.  

Tracy R. Murillo

Author, Speaker, Evangelist, Entrepreneur, Revivalist, Radio Host

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